Why Ensuring You Have Patent Protection is Crucial

When it comes to innovations, the primary thing you need to do is protect your idea before someone else gets their hands on it. The simple truth is a patent is a valuable tool that protects your creativity and innovative spirit and gives you the right for a limited period to stop others from using, copying or selling the invention without permission. In return, the applicant reveals the invention’s details in a comprehensive manner. Like any other form of property, a patent can be licensed, mortgaged, bought or sold.

Patent protection brings an array of advantages, making it crucial for any enterprise. When deciding if you should apply for a patent, you should take a look at your invention and consider the risks of not patenting if in comparison with the costs of doing so. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of protecting a patent for your business.

Protection Against Invention Theft

Startups and inventors may initially seek a licensing deal or an investor for capital. For the purpose of attracting investors and licensees, the invention must be disclosed so that the potential investor or licensee can properly assess the deal. In absence of a patent application, the licensee or entrepreneur may reject the offer to invest or license only to later file their own patent protection. By filing for patent protection and acquiring patent pendency, any application filed by the potential investor or licensee will be later in time, and therefore, junior to the patent application.

Higher Profit Margins

Assuming that there is a general demand for the copyrighted product, the ability to rule out others minimizes the supply of the process or product in the market. As a result, patent owners might charge increased prices for the patent or process.

Promotes Settlement

During the litigation time period, both parties will put forward different claims against one another including the infringement of the patent. In certain cases, two patent owners might agree to cross-license the respective technologies to each other rather than litigating the issues.

Expand Market Share

Patented technology might be licensed to others in a new geographical market or in a completely new market. For instance, a patent owner doing business in one part of the country could license patent rights to a business with a market presence in a different city or state.

The patent protection may offer the patentee, now licensor, with standard royalty expenses for sales of the patented process or product outside the patentee’s regular geographical market. In addition to that, patented technology might be licensed to others in a different tech field. Let’s say a manufacturer may issue a patent to a retailer while keeping patent rights for the manufacturing market.

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Why Nissan Won’t Face Backlash Over Anti-Union Campaign

Nissan Engages in Vicious Anti-Union Campaign But Likely Won’t Face Penalty

Factory workers at a Nissan plant in Canton, Mississippi are set to vote later this week on whether or not they plan to unionize.  The vote comes amid a vicious and long anti-union campaign by Nissan.  Workers, unionized workers, politicians, and union leaders from the United Auto Workers (UAW) have been out in full force to get workers to agree to unionize.  Though Nissan is accused of having bribed workers and threatened them with harsh penalties, there’s very little chance the auto maker will face a penalty, here’s why.

Nissan will hire an anti-union firm to deal with any violations.  Nissan will win.

Nissan’s Workforce in Canton, Mississippi

Nissan’s workforce in Canton has never been unionized. The issue with the plant’s workers unionizing is that a foreign car company has never joined a US car builders union before.  It raised concerns among union leaders, however, the concerns have since been resolved.  Now, many of Nissan’s workers want to unionize.  However, Nissan strongly opposes unionization of its workers.

When Nissan made the announcement that they planned to unionize, Nissan launched an all out anti-union campaign.  Anti-union campaigns are 100% legal, however, Nissan might have overstepped its boundaries.

After the plant’s workers announced plans to unionize, Nissan worked with state leaders and higher ups to create a way in which they could persuade its workers to vote no.  Managers and non-floor workers would wear “Vote NO” shirts to work, workers were required to attend sessions about the dangers of unions, and finally, workers were threatened with termination.  However, as mentioned, it appears Nissan might have overstepped its boundaries.

Nissan is suspected of bribing workers and issuing threats to make workers vote no.  Additionally, the extent to which Nissan campaigned for a no vote has also come under fire.  Now, the auto company faces possible legal issues and its workers will likely vote to unionize.

Labor Union Avoidance Law Firms, Corrupt State Leaders

Nissan is a powerful corporation worldwide.  However, the company has a distinct power in Canton it doesn’t have everywhere.  The factory in Canton, MS brings in tax revenue for the state and keeps people employed.  Mississippi’s ultra-conservative leaders will most likely work alongside Nissan to ensure the auto maker can avoid any fines or legal trouble over the union vote.  The governor of Mississippi himself even threatened Nissan’s workers.

Additionally, Nissan has a lot of money.  This means the auto group can hire anti-union law firms to work on avoiding fines and penalties after the campaign.  These firms are vicious and well connected ensuring companies like Nissan can avoid labor disputes.

Though Nissan’s Canton workforce will likely unionize, Nissan will still get away penalty and fine free.

What to Look for in the Best Criminal Defense Attorney


Traits, Characteristics to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been wrongly convicted of a crime, it may seem like the entire world is against.  Maybe you’ve lost all hope.  That’s not uncommon.  When you’re wrongly convicted of a crime, you’re often treated like you actually committed a crime.  However, there is hope.  Criminal defense attorneys work directly with their clients to ensure the charges are dropped and you can return to a normal life.  Here are the top traits and characteristics to look for in a criminal defense attorney.

The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

Trial Tested Success

Before you settle on a st. louis criminal defense attorney, it’s essential that you know what each attorney’s success rate is.  Their success rate is essentially how many cases they’ve won divided by how many cases they’ve represented.  However, sometimes the success rate is more detailed.  For example, some criminal defense attorneys are able to lessen sentencing.

Regardless, it’s important to take a look at each attorney’s website and do your own research.  Some useful sites include SuperLawyer, FindLaw, and Avvo.

Trust and Compassion

As mentioned above, being wrongly convicted can be terrifying and stressful.  Some criminal defense attorneys are only in it for the money and publicity.  It’s important to always research each attorney.  Avoid firms and attorneys that seem super corporate.  Defense attorneys that are very corporate or advertise heavily, often neglect clients. Both trust and compassion, essentially humanity, are very important as the process of overturning a conviction will be tough.

Each case is unique, good defense attorneys know this.

Personalised Defense

Each case is different.  Too many lawyers and firms treat all cases the same.  Each case represents an individual.  Criminal defense attornies that fail to recognize each case as unique, will have to work harder and could cost you your freedom.  Always make sure that a criminal defense attorney values your life and understands the importance of developing a unique and customized plan.

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