3 Simple Tips for Keeping a Tidy House

Whether you are leasing your first apartment or own a multi-story home, there is no denying that keeping your space neat and tidy can be a challenge. Experts agree that keeping your house clean is a great way to boost your mental health and ease feelings of stress and anxiety, however doing so can be tough if you aren’t a naturally clean person. Whether you’re busy preparing for an upcoming procedure at Northwest Surgery Center or you simply just dislike cleaning, here are a few simple tips to incorporate into your everyday routine that can help you keep your space tidy with minimal effort. 

Clean One Area Each Day

If the thought of deep cleaning your entire home is overwhelming, try breaking up the task by designating a specific area of your home to clean each day. For example, committing to cleaning your bathroom each Tuesday or cleaning your kitchen every Friday is a great way to ensure that your entire home gets thoroughly cleaned, without forcing you to take on a major project that is too overwhelming all at once. 

Set a Timer

Cleaning can feel like a daunting task, especially when it seems like your to-do list is seemingly neverending. To help make the job seem more feasible and to give you a good stopping point so you don’t get overwhelmed, try setting a short timer and cleaning as much as you can before it goes off. An ideal amount of time ranges from about 20-30 minutes for many people, during which you can likely accomplish more than you think. 

Organize As You Go

To keep your house from getting too cluttered therefore requiring a major deep clean in the future, try as hard as you can to keep things tidy in your home as you use them. For example, putting clothes back in your closet or straight in the laundry hamper as you take them off or decide not to wear them, and wiping your sink every morning after you brush your teeth to avoid it getting unnecessarily dirty and warranting a deep clean quite as soon. Keeping clutter at bay can be difficult especially when you are busy, but doing so is easier than having to tackle a major cleaning task throughout your home at once. 

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