4 Key Health Tips for Married Couples

Married couples share everything. From their living space to their finances, most married individuals are, unsurprisingly, closely connected to their partners in a myriad of ways. This extends to health and wellness. Indeed, it’s pretty easy to see how the health and wellness of your partner could have an impact on your own well-being. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on four key pieces of health advice that all married couples should take to heart and use to develop good habits together. Check them out here:

Curate Your Grocery List

A person can only be as healthy as the food they keep in their pantry. Given that fact, it’s important for married couples –– particularly newly-weds –– to get together and form a grocery list that includes plenty of healthy meal options and combinations. Additionally, married couples should seek to maintain similar (if not the same) basic diet. This way, it will be easier for all parties involved to avoid unhealthy snacks and maintain positive eating habits.

Divide & Conquer

In order to form a functioning partnership, married couples need to learn how to divide up responsibilities and manage their collective time effectively. One partner cannot be responsible for a host of time-consuming tasks that would prevent them from hitting the gym or exercising on a regular basis, for instance. Do your best to balance out daily household chores at the very least.

Promote Sexual Wellness

Sex is a big part of any health and happy marriage, and it’s crucial for married couples to promote sexual wellness and care. In practice, this could mean taking a number of actions –– from getting tested for common STDs, to exploring Gainswave therapy to treat ED. At the end of the day, though, married couples have to be able to hold frank and honest  conversations about their sexuality and their sexual wellness.

Think Long-Term

Of course, making healthy choices today is always beneficial. But married couples should always have an eye on the future when they consider major health and lifestyle decisions. For example, married couples should decide early if they want to have kids or not, and depending on their decision, make choices based on how they see their future panning out. Lastly, all couples should seek to secure quality health insurance to protect their financial and physical well-being for years to come.


In order to ensure their continued health and happiness, all married couples should strive to communicate frequently and openly. Doing so will allow you to form beneficial plans and stay on the same page. Manage that, and you’ll be well on your way to success!

School Shouldn’t End in the Summer, Tips for Kids and Parents

  Tips to Keep Your Child Sharp Over The Summer Somehow, we’re nearly through the month of June.  A whole month of summer vacation out the door!  Just a month and a half left before kids and teens make their way back to school.  You might be very thankful for summer vacation.  For parents, it’s … Continue reading “School Shouldn’t End in the Summer, Tips for Kids and Parents”


Tips to Keep Your Child Sharp Over The Summer

Somehow, we’re nearly through the month of June.  A whole month of summer vacation out the door!  Just a month and a half left before kids and teens make their way back to school.  You might be very thankful for summer vacation.  For parents, it’s a break from carpool, homework, PTA meetings, testing, and after-school activities.  Similarly, kids all over the country are rejoicing that, at least for a few months, they aren’t forced to sit in a classroom for seven hours a day, five days a week.  While parents can spend more time focusing on work or things around the house, kids everywhere are taking to the pools, to backyards, and of course, to video game consoles.  That’s great.  Parents deserve a break as do children and teenagers.  However, you shouldn’t completely neglect the fact that, just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean your child isn’t still developing.  This three month period is pivotal to ensure children and teen retain and build on the knowledge and skills they acquire during the school year.  Here are a few tips to keep kids and teens sharp this summer. Mackler Associates is a tutoring institution in St. Louis that loves to help kids in the summer.

Summer Reading is a Must

Most middle schoolers and pretty much every high schooler are required to read a least one book over the summer.  Whether it’s for a course or as a school, older kids and teens are almost guaranteed to have to read over the summer.  However, young children and grade schooler aren’t typically required to participate in any summer reading.  School districts or private institutions might encourage students to join summer reading programs.  Still, there’s no guarantee that students will make an effort to read during the summer months.  This puts one of the most vulnerable and formable age groups at risk for reading at a lower grade level when they return to classes in the fall.

The simplest solution to the summer reading dilemma is required your child to read a chapter book.  Implement both a rewards system and disciplinary system.  If your child finishes a certain number of chapters or pages, reward them with a sweet trip, trip to an amusement park, or a toy.  If your child fails to maintain their summer reading schedule, limit screen time, implement timeouts or require them to do extra chores.  Requiring your little one to read throughout their summer break is a fantastic way to ensure they’re ready when classes resume in the fall.

Summer Reading is a Must
Summer Reading is a Must

Limit Screen Time and Video Games

Phone, tablets, computers, and video game consoles are extremely addictive.  Thanks to the internet, the world is at everyone’s fingertips.  With movies, YouTube, and games, kids will never grow bored of a cell phone or iPad.  If you haven’t noticed, these screens aren’t healthy.  Because they’re addictive and interactive, kids and teens can spend hours on these devices uninterrupted.  The same goes for video games.  Both mobile devices and video games can inhibit developmental growth and distract children from other activities that might benefit them mentally and physically.

Simply limiting screen time will force children and teens to look elsewhere for entertainment this summer.  Providing younger kids with picture books, interactive educational games and toys, and outdoor activities that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking will serve as the perfect alternative to cell phones and video games.

Get a Tutor

Unlike the first two tips, getting a tutor requires more involvement on the parent-side and costs money.  However, getting a summer tutor is the best way to ensure students retain and build on the knowledge they acquired during the school year.  Again, pricey but very effective.

Tutors can assist children and teens in a variety of subjects.  From critical subjects like Math and English to ACT test prep in St. Louis or SAT test prep, tutors can assist students of all ages.  Additionally, tutors can work with children for as little or as much time as you wish.  Another option more cost-effective is to enroll students in communal summer courses at community centers or private schools.  Educational summer camps are always a safe bet too!

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