Potential Spring Related Poisons

St. Louis, Missouri (April 9th, 2018)- Do you enjoy being outside this time of year but have difficulty because of allergies? Many people choose to fix this problem by using the common and easy to obtain medicine, Benadryl®. While this does treat allergies, itching, hives, etc., it can be harmful if too much is consumed. The diphenhydramine found in this medicine can be abused for delirium and hallucinosis purposes. If too much is consumed, a diphenhydramine overdose could occur, which can cause significant toxicity. Making sure to know about the risks of a Benadryl® overdose and who to contact if one may occur can be crucial to those with allergies.

A springtime activity for outdoor lovers may be mushroom “hunting.” This is a pass time where many people search their yards or the woods for morels, a type of mushroom that people tend to eat. The danger with this is that people may accidentally pick false morels, which can be poisonous if consumed. A mushroom that is poisonous and one that is not may grow right next to each other, making it difficult for even the most skilled hunter to tell the difference. The Missouri Poison Center has highly-trained health care professionals that are available to consult with any mushroom poisoning questions.

The Missouri Poison Center wants everyone to know items they may use all the time sometimes have the potential to be harmful or poisonous if not used correctly. Their website is full of educational information about potential poisons and what to do if you or someone you know thinks they were poisoned. Feel free to call their Helpline as well with any poison-related questions or concerns.


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