4 Tips for Relieving Stress

Your surgery at The Bunion Cure is officially set, and you feel a bit of stress come in. It’s normal for us to feel stress from time to time.

Here are 4 tips for relieving stress!

Spend Some Time Doing What You Enjoy

We all have activities that we do that calm us down and bring some peace to our lives. Whether it’s reading, writing, painting, spending time with friends, or playing games – consider what you like to do in your downtime.

If you’re feeling stressed out, it may not be the best time to get on social media. This is common for many of us, but social media could potentially cause more stress for you in the long run.

Stick with activities that you know don’t cause any unease. Reading is a great hobby to participate in when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Calling a friend or loved one is also an excellent way to brighten and calm your mood. Find what works for you!

Write it Out

Journaling has a slew of positive benefits. Whether you love to write out your thoughts or experience flashbacks to high school – we could all benefit from freewriting.

If the thought of a journal intimidates you or seems like something you wouldn’t enjoy, try not to put so much pressure on it. You don’t have to write out what you’re feeling, necessarily, to reap the positive benefits of writing.

Get creative with what you put down on paper. Write a poem or a letter to someone. You can write what you see, hear, and feel. This will help to ground you, which has been proven effective in calming your nerves.

Get Your Body Moving

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Many people think that they need to exercise for hours a day to get the benefits of physical activity. This is a common misconception. Moving your body for just 15 minutes a day can release endorphins – which happen to be the “happiness hormone.”

Consider going for a walk or trying out a new yoga class at times when you’re feeling under pressure. You’re sure to feel a bit lighter after you get done moving. It’s a time for us to escape the burdens of the mind and focus on our bodies 

You can also bring a friend with you to workout. This may help to get you there and keep you focused. Just be sure to pick something that appeals to you.

Breathing Exercises

It’s all connected to our breath. Our emotions, if you think about it, really are connected to our breath. Think about how you breathe when you’re feeling anxious, sad, angry, and calm. You’re sure to notice a difference in the rhythm.

Practicing breathing exercises can help instantly calm you down. You’ll want to take a deep inhale in, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale your breath slowly. Repeat this until your breathing begins to naturally slow down on its own. Try this exercise anytime you’re feeling anxious!

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