4 Simple Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

These days, it’s no secret that college students have a lot on their plate. Between homework, studying, attending class, participating in extracurricular activities, and maintaining an active social life, being a student can be exhausting. This exhaustion can lead to a weakened immune system and a higher risk of contracting an illness, which can lead to further stress as it could result in missing class or being unable to participate in an assignment or other event. With everything going on around them, many college students find it easy to neglect their health. Hsi.com provides helpful workplace training for employee health and safety, but there are very resources to teach college students about the importance of safe and healthy decision-making. Whether you’re an incoming college freshman or a current student looking to add some improvements to your wellness routine, here are a few simple yet effective tips for staying healthy all school year long. 

Eat Healthily 

Many college students do not follow a healthy diet, due to a lack of money and the abundance of resources for unhealthy food found on most campuses. Paying more attention to your diet can help you feel better throughout the day, and getting all of the nutrients you need through food can help boost your immune system and fight off illness. 

Create a Bedtime Routine

Most college students do not get a full night’s sleep most nights, which can result in major negative impacts on their health. One thing that can help students ensure they get a good night’s sleep is creating a firm bedtime routine that helps them wind down and relax in order to fall asleep (and stay asleep). 

Reach Out For Help

One of the most common negative impacts on a college student’s health and wellbeing is stress. To help manage stress, students might find that reaching out to an on-campus counselor or therapist can help. This will lead to the preservation of students’ mental and emotional health and can improve academic and social performance. 

Keep in Touch With Family and Friends

Whether you’re going to college in your hometown or moving to a school out of state, attending college and getting sucked into your new responsibilities and roles as a student is likely to change the way you interact with your family and friends. Be sure to prioritize keeping in touch with your loved ones and schedule regular calls or visits with relatives and friends back at home.

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