5 Reasons Why Business Appearance Matters

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. However, in reality, people make snap judgements all the time. How a place looks, feels, and even smells can influence the way people think about it. For business owners, it’s imperative to create offices and/or storefronts that inspire positive associations. Otherwise, their reputation –– and bottom line –– could suffer as a result. With that in mind, today we’ll outline five key reasons why a business’s appearance matters so much. Check it out here:

Customer Acquisition

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to improving the look and feel of a place of  business is to impress potential customers. This is especially true for businesses that rely on foot traffic to generate revenue. For those companies, it’s crucial to have clear and engaging facade designs and banners to attract customer attention and to direct them accordingly. In addition, professional offices should also contain compelling lobby signs for the benefit of both clients and employees.

Talent Recruitment

Ideally, a business’s physical appearance should mirror its culture as a whole. When a newcomer enters an office for the first time, they should be able to determine a business’s priorities and values based solely on the furniture, artwork, and layout. Plain and simple, employees still care a great deal about the nature of their workspace. As such, enhancing and modernizing an office can help business owners recruit and hire some of the most talented pros in their industry.

Employee Productivity

Ask yourself this: would you rather work in a bright, vibrant workplace with a positive atmosphere, or a dark, dreary office with anodyne furnishings? The answer is obvious. What’s more, when professionals enjoy their surroundings and are comfortable in them, they perform better. Indeed, offices that allow for simple pleasures like sunlight and privacy can greatly increase productivity across the board.

Business Reputation

Once a company develops a negative reputation, it can be a difficult stigma to shake. Offices or stores that are poorly designed or that lack a basic level of cleanliness can undermine so much good work in other areas. Note also that a business’s reputation is crucial to long-term success and expansion.

Style & Branding

On a base level, businesses should strive to create spaces that their employees and customers enjoy. Additionally, they should ensure that their offices and stores reflect the company’s overall style and branding strategy. Remember, there’s a reason why dominant organizations like Starbucks use a very specific design for their locations. Keep this in mind when you review your company’s space and change anything that doesn’t align with your vision.

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