Build a Thriving Nonprofit Using For-Profit Skills

Nonprofits face many of the same obstacles as for-profit businesses, but they also have their own challenges. To build a thriving nonprofit, you’ll need to be skilled in some areas that are also important for success in for-profit businesses. Here are some of the skills and attributes you’ll need to build a nonprofit that keeps growing.

Utilize Technology

Too often, nonprofits rely on old-fashioned methods of communication, data storage, and more. However, nonprofits can benefit tremendously from the appropriate use of modern technology. Cloud phone services from effortlessly streamline communication, making conversations between nonprofit partners, the community, etc. more reliable and affordable. 

Cloud data storage enables your nonprofit to work on projects collaboratively no matter where they are. Cloud systems also let all of the partners of your nonprofit upload information as they get it, enabling faster movement of important knowledge throughout your team.

Don’t be Afraid to Make an Investment

Nonprofits tend to make small moves, but survival in a competitive space requires investments for nonprofits just as it does for businesses operating for profit. Nonprofits often spend nearly all of their income doing the good work they exist to do, sparing only the absolute bare minimum to pay employees, advertise, and make other investments. 

However, doing the most good requires spending some money on infrastructure. You need your not-for-profit to be strong and well-known if it is to keep growing.

Work Within Your Means

Perhaps the most common trap that nonprofits fall into is overreaching, trying to do more good than they can. This is similar but also different than for-profit businesses trying to grow too quickly.

For-profit businesses have a hard time turning down additional income, but for nonprofits, it is even harder to turn down somebody in need. However, if your nonprofit doesn’t have the means to keep helping, it is essential to stop and regroup. 

Remember that it’s not just resources that wear thin at a nonprofit. Volunteer and employee morale can also suffer. Avoid emotionally overreaching and protect your organization so it can keep doing good for years to come.

Use For-profit Skills to Build a Great Nonprofit

A nonprofit may have loftier goals than bringing in money, but many of the principles that enable for-profit businesses to succeed are also important for nonprofits. Make sure to learn from the for-profit world as you build a nonprofit that will keep doing good for many years to come. 

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