3 Fun Team Building Activities and Outings The Whole Workplace Will Enjoy

As an employer, one of the best things you can do for your team is plan regular outings or activities that serve as an opportunity for your employees to bond. Every workplace needs a team building outing every now and then to boost morale around the office, and to take a moment to step out of your Key Interiors executive office and interact with colleagues in the real world. While workplace outings can be awkward or potentially uncomfortable for some team members (especially new hires), planning the right outing can avoid this and give everyone on your team the chance to bond and develop a closer relationship that will make the workdays more enjoyable. 

If you’re struggling to think of a fun team building activity for your next workplace outing, here are a few ideas. 

1. Escape Room 

Not only are escape rooms fun and exciting, but they give coworkers and colleagues the opportunity to improve and practice their problem solving skills while working together to solve an exciting and interactive puzzle. Escape rooms come in different levels of difficulty with different themes in each room, and can last for varying lengths of time ranging from 30 minutes to over 2 hours! The challenge of solving an escape room is sure to bring any team of coworkers closer together. 

2. Board Game Tournament

For a more chill gaming experience, host a board game night with your team! Ask every employee to bring their favorite board game, provide some drinks, and allow everyone to bond while taking turns playing each game. If you feel like encouraging some friendly competition, you could provide prizes for winners including free lunch, a half day of work, and more! Don’t be afraid to get creative. 

3. Trivia Night 

Visiting a local bar or restaurant for a trivia night is a great way to have a few drinks and chat with colleagues while having fun and working together to score points! Even if there are team members who aren’t great at trivia, this type of friendly competition is all about the experience. Attending a trivia night is a surefire way to have fun with your team!

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